Education in Europe: Key figures 2022

International comparisons have become an essential support for the management of education systems and the development of public education policies. It is therefore essential to master their quality and relevance in order to use them wisely and to draw valid interpretations from them.

Editors in chief: Robert Rakocevic and Yann Fournier

Through Education in Europe: Key figures, the DEPP offers a complete panorama of indicators and analyses to appreciate the results but also the diversity of the modes of organisation of schooling in the European Union, and to situate France in relation to its neighbours.
As in previous editions, the following major themes are covered: the organisation of schooling, the main stakeholders in education (students, parents, teachers), the performance of education systems and the social and economic impact of education.
New analyses have been added to these themes, in particular those on upper secondary vocational education and on education for environmental issues. An additional fact sheet, developed in collaboration with the European network Eurydice, provides information on the reception of refugees from Ukraine in education systems in the European Union.