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  • Annual benchmarks in primary and lower secondary school to guide pupil progress better
    In May 2019, annual progress reference standards were published. These reference standards help teachers ensure that their pupils are making regular progress, give them national reference standards to assess pupils' needs and keep families as informed...
  • Consolidate primary school in all regions
    L'École de la République (School of the French Republic) is an essential tool for regional equality. In April 2019, the President of the French Republic stated that no rural school should close without the prior agreement of the Mayor of...
  • Support the most vulnerable families
    One in five children live in poverty. During 2019-2020, the education system will serve 100,000 breakfasts every day, to provide satisfactory learning conditions for every child.
  • Homework done : work towards success of all pupils
    Since October 2017, "Homework Done" has offered all pupils the chance to do their homework at school, free of charge. In 2019, the Ministry provided 340,000 additional hours and around 1.2 million euros to boost this scheme.
  • Culture and arts at the heart of the school system
    Since September 2018, in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Education and Youth has striven to offer all pupils, from preschool to secondary school, a coherent programme of culture and arts, above all in music,...
  • Mobilisation for Paris 2024 : boost sport at School
    The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are a wonderful opportunity to promote sport and Olympic values in schools: effort, excellence, camaraderie and respect.
  • Guide pupils better and lead them to success
    In this academic year 2019, the public career guidance service has a new framework that makes the regions more closely linked to the needs of pupils and the opportunities offered by the local areas.
  • New dynamics for living languages through all school levels
    On 26 November 2017 at the Sorbonne, in a speech entitled "Initiative for Europe", the President of the French Republic stated that all pupils should be proficient in two modern languages by the time they leave secondary school.
  • Digital learning aids
    During the 2019-2020 school year, education will focus on and continue its development of digital tools, within a framework that increasingly better protects and develops the data used for learning.
  • The principle of secularism at the heart of School and the society of trust
    In the last term of 2019, a new edition of the "Secularism in schools" handbook will be published, enriched with practical case studies. The work of the committee of experts and the team promoting the values of the French Republic will also be...
  • The School of respect for others
    The School of Trust Law sets out rules on everyday life and ensures they are followed. The Ministry of National Education and Youth is reinforcing the public policy of combating bullying in schools, developing an ambitious action plan with ten new...
  • Boost initial teacher training
    Thanks to the School of Trust Law, teacher training will now have to meet the same country-wide requirements and specifications.
  • Develop the culture of engagement : the UN system and the civic service
    The aim of the National Universal Service (SNU) is to give responsibility to a group of 800,000 young people aged 16, for one month. From 2020, the SNU will be expanded to all local regions, supporting the dynamic of national cohesion.
  • Support personnel throughout their career
    Local human resources management is a new assessment and information service for all Ministry personnel who would like support with their professional development.
  • Improve labour conditions for staff
    From May 2017, personnel protection is a priority. There must be a systematic response to every act of violence committed within the school environment.
  • Involve families better in School life
    Participation by parents in school life is one of the key incentives in pupils' academic success. This specifically lies in the trust built between the school and the families every day, based on rights and duties.
  • Wednesday plan and education cities : enhance out-of-school times
    Launched at the start of the 2018 school year, the "Wednesday plan" gave support to local authorities that wanted to offer a quality educational project on Wednesdays. 4,306 municipalities now have a "Wednesday plan" and 2,000 more will sign up in...
  • An ambitious boarding school policy serving pupils and territories
    From now until 2022, 240 new boarding school projects, which support social and regional equality, will welcome 13,000 extra pupils. The renovation of the boarding schools will benefit from "Édu Prêt", a new funding mechanism with an...
  • 100 % success in primary school : strengthening French and mathematics instruction
    International and French tests show that French students have insufficient mastery of basic skills. Jean-Michel Blanquer gives priority to the mastery of French and mathematics, the basis of all knowledge.
  • Opening French schools to Europe and the world
    The mastery of modern languages is an asset that helps young people gain access to employment, export French know-how to Europe and around the world and attract talent to France.
  • Banning the use of cellphones in primary and lower secondary schools
    Banning the use of cellphones in primary and lower secondary schools aims at sensitizing students to a reasoned use of digital tools and fully enjoying the richness of the collective school environment.
  • Supporting books and reading
    Several measures intend to improve reading practice, including class size reduction in priority education networks, creation of tools for monitoring students' progress and pedagogical contents about teaching how to read.
  • Enriching the lower secondary school curriculum
    More freedom, autonomy and power are given to educational teams to offer students diverse choices. Schools may offer more optional courses. This new flexibility allows students to better prepare their plans for further education.
  • Promoting a culture of innovation
    While strengthening links between teaching and research, the Minister of National Education is promoting a culture of innovation and experimentation.
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