[ARCHIVE] G7 Education ministerial meeting

We, the education ministers of the G7, have come together in Sèvres on 4 July 2019. We reaffirm the crucial role of education in promoting equal opportunities for all and in addressing inequality in our societies.

Determined to act together in order to provide access to quality education, we reaffirm our belief in the principles agreed during the previous G7 presidency under Japan (Kurashiki 2016) and the G20 presidency under Argentina (Mendoza 2018) and in reference to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4).

Promoting early childhood education

We recognize that access to high quality early childhood education is a key lever in reducing inequality. We recognize that there is a strong correlation between quality early childhood education, which helps children to develop fundamental skills, and learning and educational performance.

We understand the importance of strong and coordinated action to promote quality early childhood education. We welcome setting common goals to foster early childhood education.

Despite differences among our education systems, we aim to build inclusive education environments for all children, which take into account their well-being. We also aim to strengthen the links between families and early childhood education actors and encourage greater parental involvement in their child's education.

Quality teacher professional development

We recognize that teachers and educators play a key role in tackling inequality through high quality pedagogical approaches as well as through their mindful attention to the well-being and support of children and families.

We share common principles in implementing public policies dedicated to teachers and educators. We aim to guarantee quality professional development, as part of a progressive and coherent continuum, and to provide enhanced career prospects.

We stress the necessity of fostering dialogue between teachers / educators at a global level as well as exchanging pedagogical resources, experiences and practice, in particular through digital tools.

Combat against bullying

We note that bullying is a serious issue which takes place in all countries and affects many children and young people. We acknowledge the lasting negative effect that bullying has on the health, well-being and academic achievement of all students.

We reaffirm the necessity to make schools places of trust and respect which enable individuals to learn and fulfil their potential. We have decided to unite against bullying in all its forms.

We recognize the efforts of the French Presidency to raise awareness about the issue of bullying at school and to call for action to combat bullying.

We stress the importance for international organizations to tackle the issue of bullying at school. France will work with UNESCO and other international organizations to host an international conference in Paris in 2020.

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The role of science and research

We aim to build a common vision of educational stakes based on the contribution of research.

We aim to implement collaborative pilot projects, to share best practice and research insights. We welcome the launch of initiatives between countries and / or in partnership with international organizations in order to combat inequalities.

Declaration of the G7 Ministers of Education 2019 - 4th July 2019


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