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An ambitious boarding school policy serving pupils and territories
[anglais] Key policies - Jean-Michel Blanquer - 26/09/2019

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From now until 2022, 240 new boarding school projects, which support social and regional equality, will welcome 13,000 extra pupils. The renovation of the boarding schools will benefit from "Édu Prêt", a new funding mechanism with an allocation of 1 billion euros.

  • A boarding school is a means of social and regional justice and a great educational tool. Yet, today, 40,000 places in boarding schools remain vacant out of the total 220,000 places.
  • Thus, on 1 July 2019, the Education and Youth Minister presented a plan for the boarding school of the 21st century.
  • Much more than an accommodation solution, the new boarding schools will provide secondary school pupils with a quality educational approach on a specific theme.
  • By 2022, 240 new boarding school projects will receive 13,000 additional pupils. The renovation of boarding schools will benefit from an "Édu Prêt" (education loan), a new funding instrument endowed with a billion euros set up by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (deposits and consignments fund), via la Banque des territoires (bank for the regions).

Boarding schools-projects at the heart of the regions

The development of boarding schools and their revitalisation will be part of a rationale :

  • of attractive teaching approaches
  • of educational and teaching innovation
  • of regional attachment (rural, mountainous regions, neighbourhoods)
  • of networking.

The new boarding schools are themed : academic success, preparation for exams, sport, culture, language immersion, computer studies, science, etc. They are "à la carte" and flexible in their operations (monthly, quarterly, before an exam, a week day).

Steered by a dedicated team, the boarding school bears a requirement of support : tutoring, social and health issues of teenagers.

Integrated into a network, it will be managed through national and academic steering.

The major boarding school families

Some boarding schools will be themed residences turned to culture, the arts, sport, digital tools, science, ecology, international exposure or discovery of a profession.

Objective : 100 themed residences by 2022, mainly in the rural and mountainous areas.

Others will be internats d'excellence boarding schools for excellence for vulnerable pupils who need enhanced support. The policy initiated in 2008 has been relaunched around pupils' academic success, particularly priority education and urban policy. Educational supervision, cultural and professional exposure are the main aspects of the projects.

Objective : to have at least one internat d'excellence per department, i.e.100 structures (70 lower secondary schools and 30 upper secondary schools) by 2022.

Vocational campus boarding schools allow pupils to study in the selected programme but also, due to the quality of the living conditions and services, to contribute to personal fulfilment and development.

Objective : 40 vocational campus boarding schools at the heart of the future campus des métiers et qualification (trade and qualification campuses) by 2022.


A ministerial delegate will be appointed at the start of the school year in order to set up and monitor the policy. A national training plan will help train personnel on boarding school "careers".

The Caisse des dépôts et consignations, via the Banque des territoires, will offer one billion euros in funding through the "Édu Prêt" loan, specifically dedicated to the construction, renovation and transformation of the school buildings of local authorities.

Current situation
During the 2018-2019 school year, 201,500 boarders were received, i.e. 3.6 % of the 5.6 million pupils of public and private secondary education. 5 % of public lower secondary schools and more than half of public upper secondary schools offer boarding facilities. 222,400 places are available for 182,600 places occupied in public lower and upper secondary schools, i.e. an occupancy rate of 81 %.

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Last updated : nov. 8, 2019

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