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Involve families better in School life
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Participation by parents in school life is one of the key incentives in pupils' academic success. This specifically lies in the trust built between the school and the families every day, based on rights and duties.

  • Parents' participation in school life is one of the main instruments of pupils' academic success. In particular, it hinges on the trust that the school and families build on a daily basis.
  • This trust is based on rights and obligations. Hence, it is important for families whose children repeatedly breach the internal regulations and commit serious acts within the school to be held accountable.

Involve parents better in school life

Mallette des parents (parent's briefcase)

The website, online since September 2018, enables parents to have necessary information and advice to properly monitor and support their children's schooling.

The educational team can find resources for preparing meetings with families on important subjects such nutrition, sleep, use of screens, guidance and how to support one's child in their learning.

Encourage parents' participation in School operations

The rate of parents' participation in electing their representatives has increased by 0.99 %. It is the highest rate since 2003. In secondary education, the progress is less, + 0.10 %, with a rather low participation rate at 21.97 %.

Democracy Week, which was established to encourage parents' participation, will serve as an opportunity to remind parents of the important role played by their representatives in the primary and secondary school boards. It will take place on 27 or 28 September 2019 in Reunion and Mayotte, and 11 or 12 October 2019 in other departments.

Digital tools serving the School-parents relationship

Digital tools play a fundamental role in allowing parents to monitor their children's schooling and to reinforce exchanges with the educational team.

In pre-primary and primary schools, an online service is provided by the ministry for parents to consult their children's school report book. Concurrently, the Onde Echanges solution, which lightens the formalities required of families during the first registration, has begun being deployed.
For parents of secondary school pupils, the ministry has developed a broad range of online services. Combined within the Schooling services portal, they allow parents to remotely consult information pertaining to their children's schooling (absences, test results) or to perform some administrative procedures online (updating their administrative data, enrolment in upper secondary school, payment of canteen or boarding school bills, application for scholarships).

Hold families accountable

In order to guarantee peace and quiet during learning and to make everyone understand that observing the rules of school life is non-negotiable, a comprehensive action plan against violence in schools has been established. One of the aspects concerns holding families accountable.
The parent support and accountability protocol (PAR) has been established between parents or legal representatives of a pupil and the IA-DASEN when a pupil has been definitively expelled twice during the same school year. The duration cannot exceed the end of the school year following the one during which the two definitive expulsion sanctions were delivered.

Following dialogue with parents, the PAR must indicate the commitments that they will undertake to allow their child's behaviour to improve and specify the support actions established at the institution.

Regular reviews are carried out with the parents to monitor the development of the situation, to ensure the commitments are being respected and to implement the support.

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Last updated : nov. 8, 2019

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