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Mobilisation for Paris 2024 : boost sport at School
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The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are a wonderful opportunity to promote sport and Olympic values in schools: effort, excellence, camaraderie and respect.

  • The staging of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 is a tremendous opportunity to foster the Olympic values in the school system : effort, excellence, comradeship and respect.
  • The national education sector is gearing up to support this impetus and promote sport, which is essential to the well-being of pupils.
  • This year, for those establishments which so wish, a call for projects "Cours le matin, EPS et sport l'après-midi" (Class in the morning, physical education and sport in the afternoon) will expand sporting activities.
  • The national education sector is also taking care to support the vocations of our future champions who are currently in school.

"Class in the morning physical education and sport in the afternoon"

Class in the morning, physical education and sport in the afternoon involves promoting sport in the school system from Grade 3 to Grade 9.

The aim is to support the commitment by pupils to a physical activity beyond the physical and sport sessions in school.

Pupils' timetables are therefore adapted to facilitate their sport activities both in and outside school hours.

This system relies on the expertise of physical education and sport teachers and primary school teachers to help the pupil build their sport pathway.

A call for projects has been launched for the year 2019-2020

  • For primary schools, seventeen education authorities have responded to this call for projects, i.e. 91 schools for a total of 250 classes (5,016 Grade 2 and Grade 3 pupils involved).
  • For lower secondary schools, eleven education authorities have responded to the call for projects, i.e. 27 schools for a total of 159 classes.

Two types of organisation have been adopted by the schools :

  • physical education and sport classes scheduled for the afternoons
  • pupils' timetables arranged to accommodate physical education and sport classes, sport in a sporting association and training in local clubs so that the children can play sport every day.

The impact of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 on sport at school

A regular physical and sporting activity helps to improve the well-being and health of pupils. Thus, by encouraging concentration and self-confidence, it contributes to better school results.

When Paris was announced as the organising city for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP2024), the Ministry of National Education and Youth undertook to expand pupils' sport activities and continue to promote civic and sporting values in both the school and out-of-school environment.

Raising awareness of the values of sport and the Olympic ethos is founded on three major sporting events in the school year 2019-2020 :

  • National School Sports Day, Wednesday, 25 September 2019
  • Olympic and Paralympic Week, 3-8 February 2020
  • Olympics Day, Monday 23 June 2020.

These actions will be conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Sport, the Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Cojo) and the sports movement around the theme of interculturality.

At the start of the 2019 school year, more than 2,000 primary and secondary schools have been endorsed as Génération 2024. The schools promote the following actions on a voluntary basis :

  • building bridges between school and club
  • taking part in events promoting the Olympics and Paralympics during the school year
  • support, welcome or be sponsored by top sports personalities
  • allow local sports clubs, once an agreement has been signed, to use the school's sports facilities, if appropriate.

In addition, more than a thousand pupils will be mobilised in projects dedicated to training in the Olympic ethos in the form of thirty Pierre de Coubertin - Alice Milliat classes, to become young ambassadors for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The school sports federations, Usep, UNSS and UGSEL, are very involved in developing sport by 2024 :

  • creation of new Usep (Union sportive de l'enseignement du premier degré - Primary School Sports Union) associations in primary schools
  • application submitted by UNSS (Union nationale du sport scolaire - National School Sports Union) to hold the School Summer Games 2022 in France, holding regional Games and training young UNSS official to become volunteers during the JOP 2024.
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Last updated : nov. 8, 2019

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