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The School of Trust is based on the respect of three pillars : the core values of the French Republic, the research of excellence and benevolence.

At the start of this new school year, from nursery school through secondary school, we are enhancing the perspectives opened last fall and rolling out the measures presented over the past months. At heart, it is a question of helping all students better master fundamental skills (reading, writing, counting and respecting others) and receive more effective guidance towards their future. For this, it is essential to gather the French society around their School.


The School is the backbone of the Republic. It is the matrix of collective destiny and of the success of all. As such, it is the porter of social progress, giving more to those in need of more. This was the inspiration for reducing the class size by half of 4,700 additional classes in Priority Education Networks. The goal is to give the possibility to everyone to the highest achievements of their talent and merit. This was the thinking behind the enhanced course offerings in lower secondary school, the development of artistic, cultural education, and the reform of general, technological and vocational secondary schools.

These transformations are carried by a state of mind, that of trust. For secondary school students, for example, it means more freedom and time to construct their educational plans, as well as new courses that place an emphasis on digital technology. For teachers, this translates into new tools, including assessments in first, second and sixth grades that will allow them to adapt their instruction to the needs of their students. The strengthening of their training and above all the constant support of the school will help them to overcome difficulties they encounter. For parents, who are our most important partners, we aim to improve communications through the Parents' Briefcase program, because mutual trust between parents and schools is the key to student success.

Through the knowledge and values it conveys, School is the foundation of a fraternal and serene society. That is why the Ministry makes the care of children with disabilities a priority. That is also why it is essential to fight against all forms of harassment, including the risks posed by digital media. The newly instituted ban on the use of mobile telephones in primary school and lower secondary school will contribute to the smooth running of classes and to the richness of collective life. In the same vein, the principle of secularism at school and that of equality between girls and boys are crucial values that must be respected without fail.

National cohesion depends on our ability to gather around the essential : the future of students and, beyond that, our country. All of the French territories : urban, peri-urban, rural and overseas, are the subject of careful attention. In this season, I would like to salute the action of all those who make our School come alive every day. Their commitment is essential to meeting the challenges of the 21st century in France and throughout the world.

Jean-Michel Blanquer
Minister of National Education and Youth

Last updated : déc. 21, 2018

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