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  • The inclusive school : educating handicapped students
    The number of students with disabilities in schools is constantly rising. The Ministry is increasing specialized interventions alongside students with needs and the development of adapted digital services.
  • Making schools and educational establishments safe
    Ensuring the safety of primary and secondary schools is a national priority. The Ministry of Education is active on several fronts : cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and local authorities, risk prevention, and crisis management.
  • Working on language in all of its dimensions at nursery school level
    At age 4, a child from a disadvantaged social background knows far fewer words than a child from a privileged background. Early childhood education can contribute to the reduction of inequalities, especially those resulting from differences in language...
  • Enriching the lower secondary school curriculum
    More freedom, autonomy and power are given to educational teams to offer students diverse choices. Schools may offer more optional courses. This new flexibility allows students to better prepare their plans for further education.
  • Promoting a culture of innovation
    While strengthening links between teaching and research, the Minister of National Education is promoting a culture of innovation and experimentation.
  • Training teachers
    The success of all students wouldn't be possible whithout a good teacher training. Initial training must offer more gradual entry to the profession by developing pre-recruitments and supporting the contributions of recognized researches.
  • Teaching and ensuring the respect of others
    All schools must provide a benevolent foundation in order to increase student's confidence. This priority of the Minister of National Education is acquired through a good school environment, the transmission of the values of the Republic and...
  • Offering a supportive context for students to progress
    The Homework done program, already organized within lower secondary school since November 2017, helps the most vulnerable students and contributs to their progress.
  • Putting culture and arts at the heart of the School of Trust
    Culture and the arts are essentials in the construction of a School of Trust and well-being. Cultural education is based on the acquisition of knowledge, artistic practice, meeting artists, discovering their work. Since 2017, an ambitious program to...
  • Promoting students' well-being : health and sports
    Promoting health and sports at school is part of the French health policy. The upcoming Olympic games and Paralympic games will be an opportunity to promote more sports in school.
  • Strengthening dialogue with parents
    Confidence is a key word in Education today. Confidence of students in themselves but also parent's confidence in school. The commitment of parents cannot be reached without a welcoming and helpful information from the institution.
  • Opening schools to Europe and the world
    Even if the French school is recognized all over the world, the French educational system must be opened and inspired by the best practices observed in our neighbours countries.
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