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52500 non-french-speaking students were enrolled during the 2014-2015 school yearPress release - 27.02.2017

52,500 non-french-speaking students were enrolled during the 2014-2015 school year

The 2013 law to reform French schools reaffirmed the necessity of providing inclusive schooling for children with special needs. French schools are committed to giving students who need help learning French as a second language the required assistance. Special teaching units and academic centers attend to the needs of this special population. 

A new strategy for languagesPress release - 27.02.2017

A new strategy for languages

France is remodelling its system of teaching modern languages, which are increasingly vital for pupils growing up in a multilingual world and for success in their future careers. From September 2016 all pupils will learn at least two languages while they are at school.

Promoting citizenship and fundamental values through educationPress release - 24.02.2016

Promoting citizenship and fundamental values through education

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister for National Education, Higher Education and Research, took part in the Council of the European Union debate on "Education, youth, culture and sport" in Brussels, on Wednesday 24 February 2016. The ministers of education discussed ways of promotiing citizenship and fundamental values through education. It mainly concerned citizenship education,  teacher empowerment and education in media literacy.

VOCATIONAL EDUCATIONPress release - 17.02.2016

Vocational education : meeting France's economic and social needs

This school year marks the 30th anniversary of the vocational baccalaureate, an advanced qualification leading to employment or higher education. Nearly a third of secondary-school pupils opt to study for a vocational school-leaving diploma. Vocational education is accessible any time during a lifetime.

The French Digital Plan For Education

Press release - 20.01.2016

The French Digital Plan For Education

Since December 2012, the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research has been developing an ambitious strategy to bring schools into the digital age. This strategy aims to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital technology for the benefit of pupils' success.


Press release - 21.12.2015

French Government Action Plan to Halve School Dropout

In 2012 President François Hollande made tackling the problem of school dropout a priority. The French education ministry is carrying out a vast programme to prevent teenagers dropping out of school and to help young people without qualifications return to education. In five years the number of young dropouts has fallen from 136,000 to 110,000.


Press release - 30.11.2015

Teacher Training Key in Education Reform Implementation

Paris, November, 30, 2015 – The French government's school reform program of July 8, 2013 established new teaching academies, and a new policy in regard to teacher training and continuing education. Called ESPEs (Écoles supérieures du Professorat et de l'Éducation), these new educational facilities opened their doors on September 1, 2013. At that time, a two-year master's degree in education (Masters des métiers de l'enseignement, de l'éducation et de la formation, or MEEF) was initiated.


Press release - 21.11.2015

Educational Priority - A Government Programme To Cut The Impact of Social Inequalities

Priority education reform aims to reduce differences in attainment between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and other pupils. More than 1,000 educational priority networks throughout the country. Fourteen key measures to help pupils, support teachers and provide an appropriate learning framework.


Press release - 17.11.2015

French Nursery Schools Implement Changes for September 2015

Following the enactment of a July 8, 2013 law to reform French schools, an important step took place this September with the implementation of a new nursery school program. Its main mission is to give children the desire to go to school to learn, and to affirm and develop their personality. This special time establishes the pedagogical foundations on which students' future education is built.

French Schools Put the Spotlight on Sustainability

Press release - 17.11.2015

French Schools Put the Spotlight on Sustainability

From November 30 to December 11, 2015, France is hosting the UN conference on climate change called Paris Climate 2015 or COP21. This occasion offers the French educational community the opportunity to focus on the themes of sustainable development and climate change, on which French schools have been working for several months now.


Press release - 16.11.2015

A new program to teach citizenship

Days after terrorist attacks in Paris killed 17 people in January 2015 President François Hollande promised a new action plan for schools to strengthen teaching of republican values.

Key figures

12 775 400
pupils and high school students and apprentices

855 000

63 600
primary schools, lower secondary schools and upper secondary schools, public and private

The State of Education 2014The state of Education 2014 : 30 indicators of the French education system

This edition brings together the key statistical indicators to analyse the French education system and assess the policies implemented. Structured around the resources allocated to the School, enrolment conditions and student outcomes, it focuses on describing the main current trends and sheds light on international comparisons.

The State of Education 2014

Education in Europe : key figuresEducation in Europe : key figures

Although International data are often referred to in the public debate, they are often no less tricky to interpret. Education in Europe: Key figures presents a wide variety of indicators through 30 factsheets including texts, focus, graphs, tables and maps. It thus provides the chance to compare and contrast the multiple dimensions in play for success in education, and this for all European Union member-states that are facing the same challenges, ranging from education for all to learning how to live together in diversity.

Education in Europe : key figure



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